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Calculate your monthly car payment, including tax and interest payments.

Car Payment Calculator

Calculate your monthly mortgage payment including interest payments.

Mortgage Payment Calculator

Calculate your savings with the addition of extra monthly payments.

Extra Mortgage Payment Calculator

Calculate your monthly car lease payment

Lease Payment Calculator

Calculate the compound interest of an initial value

Compound Interest Calculator

Calculate the discounted price of an item

Discount Calculator

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Payment Calculators provides a collection of easy-to-use payment (and other) calculators. Each calculator comes with explanation of how the calculation works, and the formula(s) with which the calculations are performed. So, aside from using the calculators to get the answers for which you are looking, you can also learn the mathematical formulas. You are free to use the formulas in any way you see fit, even in your own projects--after all, they are math, and math is a universal language available to anyone able and willing to learn to 'speak' it.