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The History of the Armenian Alphabet

May 22nd, 2023The Armenian alphabet, a unique writing system with 39 distinct characters, was created to represent the Armenian language. Its invention is attributed to Mesrop Mashtots, a scholar and linguist in the early 5th century AD.Continue to post

Seafood & Mercury - The Myth That Keeps People from Eating Fish

Aug 29th, 2022Despite general acceptance, mercury present in seafood may not be the health concern that the medical industry has been warning against.Continue to post

Collective Nouns

Dec 30th, 2021This post includes a comprehensive (but not exhaustive) list of collective nouns, for both animals, objects, and people. This collection does include some collective nouns which are not necessarily an official part of the English language.Continue to post

The Most Unique, Unusual, & Uncommon Words

Dec 25th, 2021The English language is rich with some of the most beautiful and interesting words. These words are hardly ever used (especially in everyday conversation), but they can add a rich texture to a piece of written work.Continue to post

Major Religions of the World

Nov 30th, 2021There are many religions and even more sects within each of those religions, but there are a few which have great presence, and have grown to gain followers in every corner of the world.Continue to post

1 Corinthians 13:12 - "For now we see through a glass, darkly"

Nov 14th, 2020The Bible presents the opportunity for endless interpretation. Even though it is said that interpretation should be left to the holy fathers of the church, one cannot help but ponder on the meaning of certain passages.Continue to post